Vision & Mission

Vision Mission smallOUR VISION AND MISSION

The International Human Resources Community in Switzerland is an English speaking professional network of Human Resources professionals with international experience who value sharing ideas and learning from each other. The community provides a platform based on expertise, professionalism and trust which enhances understanding the cross-cultural issues and the global dimensions of our work to the benefit of the members and the organisations in which they work.

The International Human Resources Community in Switzerland aims to provide:

  • an English speaking network for international HR professional working in Switzerland and Swiss HR professionals working for organisations that operate internationally to become more effective in the important work they do,
  • a platform for HR professionals representing a wide spectrum of organisations (multinationals, small and mid-sized companies, international not-for-profit organisation, etc.) to share ideas, knowledge and support so they can grow professionally,
  • a forum for learning and development opportunities to enhance knowledge and best practice sharing on specifically relevant topics,
  • an international community to build professional and business relationships.

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