Innovation and employee engagement through social intrapreneurship

Enterprises are increasingly challenged with the need to innovate, address new customer segments and also becoming and staying attractive employers. There is no single cure to everything, but fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and responding to employees need for meaning at work through intrapreneurship comes pretty close. The phenomenon of Social Intrapreneurship is gaining traction across the world – similar to Social Entrepreneurship a few years ago. Social intrapreneurs are top performers who aim to find solutions that bring business and societal value within large organisations. More and more companies start to develop and support those individuals in specific activities and programs.

Bookbridge has been running a successful employee engagement and capability program for several years, assigning teams to work on a specific challenge in countries like Cambodia and Mongolia. The impact on the ground and for the employer companies has been significant and participant satisfaction is great. We will explore the secrets of a successful development program that provides value to the company and in to society.


–        Joanna Hafenmayer, MyImpact; Aligning innovation with employee development – what is social intrapreneurship and why is it relevant?

–        Carsten Rübsaamen, Bookbridge The Capability program as an example – how to engage employees through experience-based learning around a specific business & social case?

 Carsten Rübsaamen      Carsten Rübsaamen

Carsten Rübsaamen studied business administration at WHU and earned his PhD in Innovation and Technology Management. He founded BOOKBRIDGE in 2009 as part of a Boyscout exchange in Mongolia. Impressed by the effect that a container full of books had on the lives of children in Mongolia, he decided to put his experience as a consultant and entrepreneur to use to support global access to education. As CEO and president of the foundation, he is responsible for finances, strategy and the social enterprise programs.

BOOKBRIDGE is a social enterprise in education. In the Global South, BOOKBRIDGE sets up learning centers as social businesses to improve the life chances of young adults in rural areas. Since 2009, they have setup 11 learning centers in Mongolia and Cambodia, counting 10,500 active members. In the Global North, BOOKBRIDGE offers an innovative leadership development program. Two professional coaches teach cutting-edge leadership and business skills which candidates directly apply by setting up a community-based learning center as social business. Clients include PwC, HILTI, Swisscom and BSH.

Joanna Hafenmayer Stefanska   Joanna Hafenmayer Stefanska

Joanna Hafenmayer is the Managing Director of MyImpact, an organisation focusing on helping leaders and organisations to realise meaningful careers. She offers coaching and seminar services as well as consulting services and publications. Joanna is an expert in the development of Corporate Responsible Leadership programmes, a member of the Board of Öbu, the Swiss Think Tank for business and sustainability, and leads the Responsible Corporate Leadership Forum (RECOL), a group of innovative global enterprises in this area.

Prior to 2012 she was member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Switzerland as their Innovation & Sustainability Officer. Joanna’s educational background is in Business Administration (University of St Gallen, Switzerland) and International Relations. Joanna is a 2010 First Mover Fellow of the Aspen Institute and developed a Responsible Leadership development program at Microsoft Europe during her fellowship.She is the author of “The Future Makers – A Journey to People who are Changing the World – and what we can learn from them.”

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