International HR Management

International HR Management

Work Permits, Taxes and Social Insurance for International

Globalization and internationalization of companies places new challenges in front of managers. More specialists are recruited abroad as projects are increasingly distributed internationally. New topics arise concerning work permits, social insurance and taxes. What can you do to support concerned employees and line managers? What do you have to meet in order to be legally compliant?

Workshop targets

Work permits

  • When is a registration and or a work permit needed in Switzerland?
  • What kind of work permits exist in Switzerland. Where and when do you need to apply for them? What administrative discretion does a cantonal office have and how can you influence it?
  • What needs to be considered when foreign employees work in Switzerland but stay employed abroad?
  • Which principles (guidelines) do you need to follow when applying for work permits abroad?


  • What are the Tax reporting requirements for jobs differing in timeframes in Switzerland and abroad? Are some free of tax? What are your obligations?
  • When and how does the income of foreign employees, with or without Swiss working contract, have to be taxed in Switzerland?
  • Which countries have a double tax agreement with Switzerland and how can you best apply it? What do you have to consider in countries without a double tax agreement?

Social insurance

  • Applications of social insurance for employees during their stay abroad (expatriation).
  • Applications of social insurance for foreign employees who work in Switzerland.
  • Health and accident insurance for employees who are sent abroad.

Expat Policy

  • What it can contain and how it helps a company to save costs.


Target group / Participants

HR people and line managers in Switzerland who recruit or expatriate employees to work abroad or who are responsible for foreign employees working in Switzerland (short-term to long-term expatriation).

The maximal number of participants is 16.



In addition to the workshop materials, you will also be supplied with written national and international regulations. Participants will also receive various references to links and other material where answers to specific questions can be found.



Dagmar Richardson

Consultant und lecturer for IHRM

MyPlacement AG International HR Services, Zurich



Gertrud E. Bollier

Eidg.dipl. Social insurances expert

gebo Sozialversicherungen AG, Pfaffhausen

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Date: 20/05/2015
Time: 08:30 - 17:00
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