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“HR, meet Data Science”

“Big Data” in human resources is one of the most influential developments that will impact the HR function in the years to come. This article nicely describes what is going to come our way Data science seeks to use all available and relevant data to effectively tell a story that can be easily understood by non-practitioners.  Often called ’talent analytics’ ‘workforce science’ or ‘Big Data’ it is an approach which an increasing number of high-performing HR teams are using to optimize their workforces and HR departments.

Andrew Marrit will give an overview of how data science is being used within HR departments, how to get started and where to expect benefits.Also, he will give some predictions of where this is going and the implication for HR. His presentation will prepare you for the conversations back in the workplace about Big Data. We are tempted to say that you should not miss this one. While the topic may seem distant, we are convinced this will be with us much faster than many of us will believe.

Andrew Marritt is the founder of OrganizationView, a Zurich-based HR analytics practice whose clients include both major employers and HR technology and services providers. They believe that data can be transformed through analytics into compelling narratives that give HR confidence to make better decisions about their workforces and how they support the business. Following an early career in management consulting and executive search Andrew spent 10 years in corporate HR running global change projects, especially those involving web-based technologies, digital transformation and branding for companies including Reuters, UBS and Alstom. Andrew recently chaired HR Tech Europe’s ‘Big Data’ conference and has presented on topics including data visualization and using reporting to drive behavioral change.

Date: 17/02/2014
Time: 08:00 - 09:15
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