"Executive Resilience: The body-mind connection".

Andrea Claussen 

“Executive Resilience: The body-mind connection”.

In long-standing work with burnout or “near-miss burnout executives” it shows that the integration of body and mind leads to an enduring resilience. The artificial separation of mental and physical symptoms, representative of a “taboo” subject within the professional work environment, appears to be up to the times, in view of the extreme global challenges facing management leaders today. The power of resistance is like a muscle that can be trained. Inner harmony and a feeling of connectedness with what you are doing are key factors for the preservation of health of the mental and physical system. Executive resilience to means that management leaders do not “burn out” despite a workload that drives them close to their limit.

After her studies in human medicine in Frankfurt/Main and a doctorate in pediatric neurology, dr Andrea Claussen became a general practitioner and specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the past 20 years. She is currently doing research and publishing work on the subject of burnout and resilience with regard to management leaders at INSEAD. In her private practice, emphasis is placed on the combination of western academic medicine and TCM. “Executive Health” can be effectively and sustainably effected through the interaction of these two methods. She works with top executives to improve the following resilience qualities: mindfulness, authenticity, focus and awareness of self and others, in a professional working environment as well as one’s personal environment. I have been coaching and treating management leaders, whose systems are often operating in the “red zone”, for 15 years now.



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