Geneva: Lunch & Learn

18 Oct 2012

21st Century Skills – In an Age of Artificial Intelligence

Charles Fadel

Founder and Chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign

Charles Fadel, a global education thought leader and expert, author, and inventor chaired an engaging interactive session. The 21st century skills movement was started by industry requirements asking that students graduate with more than traditional knowledge yet also with skills in problem solving, communication, collaboration, etc.

This transformation is occurring in schools and universities around the world. Industry will benefit directly from skilled labor and indirectly from new skill assessments measuring abilities ranging from creativity and critical thinking to digital literacy.

At the macro-economics level, there is renewed urgency to address learning beyond merely knowledge. Offshoring first, and now increased levels of automation via robotics and artificial intelligence, are putting more pressure on employability than ever. This will force education systems to embrace teaching Skills, Character, and Metacognition, along with relevant knowledge.

In addition to a long term view at the upcoming challenges and skills required, Mr. Fadel engaged the participants in a discussion around what we and what our organizations can do to support this important transition.