Seminars & Workshops

8 Jun and 7 Sep 2012

Swiss Employment Law Compliance Training

Bettina Egli,  Attorney at Law, Owner b.e. legal & tax recruitment in Zurich
Monika Naef,  Attorney at Law, Partner at Dufour Advokatur und Notariat in Basel

The importance of being compliant with local laws and regulations is steadily increasing in today’s international working environment. HR Pro-fessionals with an international background often struggle with the Swiss way of handling HR issues as the local approach can differ substantially in particular from what is acceptable in a common law environment. However, being compliant with local law is crucial as most local employ-ment contracts are subject to Swiss Law.

It is not the training’s objective to turn HR Professionals into lawyers, but to enhance their sensitivity to the cultural and legal different approaches under Swiss Law. It is about raising awareness to the most important Do‘s and Dont‘s and helping to spot and manage potential legal and in particular reputational risks arising when infringing Swiss Employment Law.

Based on experience and feedback from our last two trainings we will include information on working permits required for Non Swiss residents.


  • General introduction into the Swiss Legal Framework
  • Pointing out the key consequences in respect to the recruitment, selection, retention and termination processes
  • Examining the legal and culturally different approaches to interview techniques, CV’s, employment contracts, data protection issues, termination and anti-discrimination
  • Introduction to the statute of working permits for non Swiss residents