Zurich : Lunch & Learn

16 Nov 2010

The Digital Divide

Pascale Lenz, Manager Industry Solutions Lab at IBM

Around 30 IHRC members enjoyed the interesting and inspiring presentation “The Digital Divide” with Pascale Lenz, Manager Industry Solutions Lab at IBM and the generous hospitality at IBM in Rüschlikon.

Working Beyond Borders

Did you ever think about how our highly digitalized world is affecting us as an employer?
What is happening right now in the workplace?
How can we stay competitive as an employer in the future?

IBMs Institute for business value identified a major shift in attitude towards computer, internet and everything digital. This shift is not only affecting our ability to use technology, perhaps even more, our entire way of thinking about business, society and the world around us. Our younger employees actually look at things in ways that are diametrically different than how many of us grew up and learned to think. The so called ‘digital divide’ has major consequences for enterprises of the future. And the future has already begun…..