Zurich : Year End Event

2 Dec 2010

Perspectives on Executive & Leadership Development

Moderated by
Anna Cocca, Rolf Erny and Hilary Frazer 

In January the IHRC – ZGP 2010 programme began with the information that future challenges at the top of the overall HR agenda included:

  • Managing Talent
  • Improving Leadership Development
  • Strategic Workforce Planning

How appropriate, therefore, that the End of Year event should focus on bringing together executives and thought leaders from industry and consultancy for a very successful symposium focusing on these topics. Despite sudden snowfall, some 70 key HR executives, Business Partners and consultants braved the weather to exchange and discuss Perspectives on Executive and Leadership Development at Au Premier in Zürich.

Dr. Michael Elwell
Global Research Director, Core Research, Advanced Materials Division
Huntsman Advanced Materials AG

Dr. Michael Elwell gave his perspective from the view of the customer. He emphasized the need for HR professionals to know their business from the outside-in and the importance of partnership in order to overcome both business and external everyday challenges, as the working environment around us changes.

Tony Awcock
VP – Head of Talent Management
Holcim Group Support Ltd

With over 30 years experience and presenting as an expert in Leadership Development and Organisational Effectiveness, Tony Awcock showed the strategies, processes and programmes applied by Holcim to succeed despite the challenges faced by the Aggregates industry.

Dana Brice Smith
Global Co-Founder & Director
Trestle Group Foundation

Dana Brice Smith continued by showing how best-practice E&LD expertise has been applied by a not-for-profit organization to facilitate knowledge transfer between high performers in blue-chip companies in mature economies and women entrepreneurs in developing countries for the benefit of both.

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan
General Manager
Catalyst Europe AG

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan spoke eloquently of a common theme running throughout all of the presentations – Diversity. Tabi elucidated and reinforced the compelling case that a diverse workforce in which women are fully able to participate, whilst respecting their needs and differences, is essential to business and economic success.

Rolf Erny lead a podium discussion with the speakers and two additional representatives – Anna Cocca, Global HR Business Partner, ABB Ltd, talking from an HR Management perspective and Dr Roman Borboa, Principal, Borboa & Partner, speaking as an expert in Positive Psychology. Discussing the topic further, it became clear that:

  • Companies should be alert and open for future trends,
  • Develop and deploy programmes, which address both the needs of the organization and the increasingly diverse workforce within it,
  • Take into account what really matters to all of them from Baby Boomers to Generation “Y and even Z”

The event concluded with special thanks to Hanneke Frese for the excellent work she has done leading the IHRC – ZGP during 2010.
We also heard the first thoughts from Carsten Sudhof as the incoming Head of the Core Team for 2011.
An Apèro-Riche and networking ended a very successful year.

Speaker Profiles
Text by Hilary Frazer and Rolf Erny
Photos by Julie Collins Photographie
, http://www.juliecollins.net/