Zurich : IHRC Annual Symposium

2 Jun 2010

The New Collaboration Experience

Enrico Deluchi, Cisco

Business Protocol for World Class Professionals

Jacqueline Whitmore

Hosted by:
Zurich Financial Services

The whole topic of virtual collaboration becomes a more and more important part of all our lives. Spending time learning about this topic with the help of Enrico Deluchi’s expertise was very valuable for our HR colleagues as they build better teams and workplaces in their organizations. The afternoon with Jacqueline Whitmore went particularly well and participants enjoyed the presentation on business etiquette and put the learnings into practice while enjoying cocktails.

The symposium was a great success and it helped to get people together, create new networks, learn from the speakers, and share new knowledge as we continue to build an international community where people like to interact and can support each other in their professional and personal development.

On behalf of all of the IHRC Core Team and the leadership of Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personal-Management we thank Enrico Deluchi and Jacqueline Whitmore for the excellent presentations they gave and the hospitality Zurich Financial Services offered.