Zurich Lunch&Learn Events 2010

The IHRC Lunch&Learn program for 2010 included topics based on the input and suggestions from the kick-off event — such as HR Trends, Culture and Diversity, and HR Best Practices.

25 January 2010

Creating People Advantage

Dr. Rainer Strack, Senior Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group

BCG conducted with the support of the World Federation of Personell Management Organizations (WFPMA) an extensive study on trends in the HR world. The 2008 report, which is based on a worldwide survey of more than 4,700 executives, lays out a comprehensive approach that enables companies to better understand the HR environment and how they can create a “people advantage”. People challenges are greater than ever before at companies, thanks to globalization and an aging workforce. When companies understand how to measure the effectiveness of their people and harness their talents, they will achieve a lasting edge.

This 2008 study was followed in 2009 by more detailed research on the HR challenges in the current economic crisis environment. For this study, the Boston Consulting Group and the European Association for People Management surveyed more than 3,000 senior leaders and executives across Europe to understand current and future human-resources challenges. This white paper describes the findings about specific people challenges and opportunities resented by the recession and the lessons learned from the last downturn. It also outlines likely recovery scenarios and a 12-point HR action plan to assist companies with strategic people issues during the crisis and beyond.

Dr. Rainer Strack, Senior Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group, is the European Leader of the Organization Practice and the worldwide leader of the HR topic at BCG and in this capacity he was instrumental in two studies that are directing the Human Resources profession for the years to come.

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16 February 2010

Connecting the Business and HR Agenda

Peter Lorange, President of the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich

Talking points of Peter Lorange’s presentation included:

  •  How to select and develop HR resources that can adapt to evolving strategies
  •  HR requirements for creating strategies to generate exceptional value
  •  What are cutting edge competencies and how to develop HR flexibility to be effective in cycles
  •  Leadership at the core – HR capabilities and strategic options, implementation and action involvement

The session provided the IHRC members present with the opportunity to interact with one of the leading minds in business and academia. Professor Lorange was President of the world renowned business school IMD in Lausanne from July 1993 until April 2008. He is Professor of Strategy and was the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Chair of International Shipping. He was formerly President of the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. Professor Lorange has written or edited 18 books and some 120 articles. His area of special interest is Global Strategic Management, Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship for Growth. He has conducted extensive research on multinational management, strategic planning processes, and internally generated growth processes.

19 March 2010

An Innovative Idea – Cross-Company Learning

Carsten Tripler and Bela Tisoczki, Executive Development Exchange

Carsten Tripler and Bela Tisoczki firmly believe that collaboration does not “grow on its own” within a network – rather, it is fostered through an appropriately facilitated process. Though people may be aware of the necessity of facilitation when they form a team, they tend to neglect it in terms of networking platforms.

This interactive, workshop-like session encouraged collaboration among the members present by facilitating an appropriate process to achieve the following objectives:

  • To have participants understand how facilitated cross-company learning works
  • To have every participant leave the event with at least one new contact who will help him/her address current business challenges

The questions answered by the participants at registration were used as input for sharing practices within the group.

Carsten Tripler and Bela Tisoczki have extensive experience in human resource development. They have consulted with and worked for various companies, developing programs that have increased sales effectiveness and collaboration and have helped reduce absenteeism, number of defects, cycle time and costs. Their major clients include Microsoft, General Electric, Federal Express, Timberland, BMW, Swiss Re, Merck, Allianz, Benteler, Celanese, and UBS Bank.

Executive Development Exchange is a recently established company and member of SyNet Group. ExDevEx builds a network in which cross-company learning rotations are arranged between non-competing businesses in order to develop talent and transfer best practices.

8 April 2010

Culture and Diversity in Business

Claude Koehl, Intercultural Services

In today’s globalized world, cultural diversity is an integral aspect of the organisational and corporate culture. As such it needs to be actively managed and integrated into all processes and HR functions to avoid costly legal, financial, and individual consequences for the company.

Claude Koehl, who has worked on many intercultural projects for international companies, defined the meaning of culture and cultural diversity in business. In his presentation, Mr. Koehl highlighted the key role Human Resources departments play in the implementation of a diverse corporate culture of integration, and the added business value of strengthening and developing a diverse work force.

6 May 2010

Global Risks: Inter-Connections and Vulnerability

Sheana Tambourgi, Director Global Risks Network at the World Economic Forum

The Global Risks Network (GRN) of the World Economic Forum takes a unique approach to tracking and understanding the implications of risks in the highly interconnected world we live in today. Sheana Tambourgi, explained to the IHRC members present how the GRN identifies and maps risks, from economic and geopolitical, to technological and environmental risks. Her presentation covered some of the key risks highlighted by the Forum’s most recent report, “Global Risks 2010”, outlining why the financial crisis and economic downturn may cast a shadow for many years to come. With its long-term focus, the Risk work at the Forum offers decision-makers and executives a framework to understand the risk landscape they could face over the next decade.

10 September 2010

Employing the Next Generation

Catie Thorburn, President of Generation Europe Foundation

20 October 2010

Adjusting to Life in Switzerland – Culture Shock Workshop

Connie Voigt, Interculturalcenter.com Ltd.

How do we deal with negative perception and improve intercultural communication exchange and knowledge transfer? Connie Voigt led an interactive session that explored the principles of an intercultural mind set and how we manage expectations in other than our own societies and company cultures. The discussion focused on the following 5 questions:

  1. What expectations have you had of the Swiss business culture when you arrived here?
  2. How do you tolerate and respect the aspects of Swiss business life that do not match with your expectations? How do you deal with these differences in relation to your own culture`s management style?
  3. To what extent do your management and leadership in Switzerland take advantage of your in-house diversity?
  4. How interculturally fit do you rate your own team?
  5. What do you do to make sure that you explore the know-how and share that knowledge in your multicultural teams?

Connie Voigt is the founder of the UK based consulting firm Interculturalcenter.com Ltd. She is specialized in coaching managers in leadership development, communication skills and intercultural team development. She has developed the new “CAS Intercultural Leadership” for FH Bern and also lectures in FH Olten, HWZ, FH Chur and is a coach at HSG University St. Gallen.

16 November 2010

The Digital Divide

Pascale Lenz, Manager Industry Solutions Lab at IBM Forum Zurich