Leadership Symposium

The Inner Work of Leadership

with Dr John J. Scherer and Kathrin Fox

The Inner Work of Leadership enables us to transform ourselves and thereby develop the leadership needed to transform organizations.  Embarking on a highly experiential journey of self-discovery based on Dr John Scherer’s bestselling book: “Five Questions that Change Everything”; we can challenge our assumptions, move beyond perceived limitations and find our true sources of effectiveness and purpose.

Through experience and practice of simple, but profound, skills and principles to deepen self-understanding and self-mastery, we can recognise and realise our full potential as Leaders and
HR professionals:

„Those who know much may be wise, but those who know themselves are even wiser. Those who are master over many may be powerful, but those who are mastering themselves are more powerful still.“   Lao Tzu 600 BC

This highly interactive and development-focussed workshop combines thought leadership, group work and peer consulting during interactive sessions.  John and Kathrin share and insights from working with international executives as part of their renowned Leadership Development Intensive programme.

This unique and special event is powered and co-hosted by the International HR Community of Switzerland (IHRC) in partnership with the Zürich Institute of Business Education – CEIBS Zurich Campus.

We are really looking forward to meeting you there!

Dr John J. Scherer


Kathrin Fox

Flyer IHRC Leadership Symposium 28 June 2018


Date: 28/06/2018
Time: 14:00 - 18:00
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CEIBS Zurich Campus, Hirsackerstrasse 46, Horgen