Breakfast Dialogue

Feedback in International Settings
with Irene Hotz Glanzmann, intercultures swiss gmbh

Feedback is the source of learning for any individual and organization. Compared to its relevance in development settings, little research has been done in this area on an international scale. There are guidelines available on the market of how feedback is best given. These guidelines, however, primarily offer an Anglo-Saxon or Western perspective. Further, they deal with ideal feedback practices and do not necessarily reflect the reality in organizations. Two researchers—Dr. Marcus Hildebrandt and Stefan Meister—decided to profoundly change this trend.

Feedback Profiler® enhances the competence portfolio of leaders of professional groups or networks, as well as trainers, coaches and consultants.

  • Improve one-to-one work relationships;
  • Negotiate practices on bi- or multicultural team levels;
  • Give tailor-made feedback to your group or network as a leader;
  • Use results as a lever for organizational learning and change
  • Create a global feedback culture

Date: 20/09/2017
Time: 07:45 - 09:15
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