Lunch&Learn – ROI in Active Sourcing

ROI in active sourcing

Please join us for a session with Beatrice Loch (University of Zurich, student), Susanne Mehr (University of Zurich, research and teaching associate) and Dr. Helena Pleinert (Pleinert & Partner). Beatrice will present the results of her Master Thesis ‘ROI in Active Sourcing – defining qualitative and quantitative measures’ that has been published among the ‘Best-of’ series of the Chair in Human Resource Management of the University of Zurich, and was carried out during an internship at Pleinert & Partner. Susanne Mehr and Dr. Helena Pleinert will give insights how this work in an emerging field of research was motivated from an academic and from a practitioner’s perspective.
Beatrice Loch is a recent economics graduate of the University of Zurich and has received her Master’s degree in Banking and Finance. Her thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Bruno Staffelbach and Susanne Mehr. She has also worked in the field of risk transfer, providing complex insurance solutions to the Swiss service and manufacturing.
Susanne Mehr is a research and teaching associate and lecturer at the Chair in Human Resource Management of the University of Zurich. In her research on recruitment and newcomer socialization, she links the academic perspective with her own practical experience. She is the founder of a staffing service company for events and security services, which she is heading successfully.
Dr. Helena Pleinert is the CEO of Pleinert & Partner where she focuses on sourcing & recruiting processes as well as on talent development. In addition to her hands-on consulting work, she and her team are pursuing several projects of cooperation in academic research with the University of Zurich and she is teaching HRM and entrepreneurship at UIBS Business School. She holds a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Date: 27/10/2016
Time: 11:30 - 13:30
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