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Global mobility insight: The evolution of global mobility – strategic moves 3 years on

    In 2011 Deloitte conducted the Strategic Moves Survey, to explore how global mobility was aligned to business and talent strategies. The extensive results revealed that, in fact, very few companies had global mobility programmes that were fit for purpose or which could adequately support their goals.

    In 2012 a global follow up survey was conducted to find out if any of the same challenges persisted and to what extent organisations were working to address them. The results were similarly discouraging, and pointed to sub optimal investment, and a lack of focused improvement efforts.

    3 years on, we asked some of the same questions to a group of 95 respondents from 73 different companies across Europe, to see what, if any, progress had been made, and whether global mobility programmes are beginning to fulfil their strategic potential.

    This session will present the findings from the study, and offer practical insights into what these results mean for global mobility functions, and how they can best respond to an increasingly complex working environment. A number of Deloitte experts in the fields of tax, immigration and social security will also be on hand to offer their professional insights and to encourage an interactive discussion among participants.

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    Date: 11/06/2015
    Time: 17:00 - 19:00
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