Cultural Change in Financial Sevices – Post Crisis,

After the 2007 Financial Crisis the public lost confidence in the financial system, and its workers. Actively shaping company culture in banks and financial institutions shot the to the board agenda. But what exactly is culture? And even more importantly, how can you shape it?
In this lunch and learn with EY partner and occupational psychologist Jörg Thews and Change, and Behaviour consultant Mackenzie Andrews, we explore culture; the impact of the Financial Crisis on corporate culture and how companies can go beyond just mouse mats and posters to deliver tangible culture change.
Mackenzie Andrews, Change and Behaviour consultant at EY and
Jörg Thews, Partner in EY’s EMEIA Financial Services Advisory business
Speaker Jörg Thews and Mackenzie Andrews<

Date: 22/09/2015
Time: 11:30 - 00:00
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