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“HR in the Business: How can data analytics better help keep all the balls in the air”

Finance has always benefited from a wealth of data and information on which to base decisions but, in most organizations, the data on people has lagged behind. However, today, HR functions are increasingly collecting and analyzing workforce and human capital data to inform robust human resources decisions. Analytics can provide a powerful platform for collaboration between the finance and HR department. When data is consistent and mature across both functions, finance and HR leaders have the opportunity to make decisions from a more informed and strategic standpoint and it becomes easier to gain greater visibility into how key aspects of human capital management directly affect corporate performance. This helps the business to identify opportunities and risks and to understand the drivers of performance in the business and again supports the overall HR function to become a stronger strategic business contributor to solutions from the outset, instead of being called in to address potential barriers.

By attending this conference you will gain a better understanding of how data analytics can positively impact your business and HR. You will have the opportunity to discuss related issues with your peers and hear from subject matter experts who have successfully supported many companies successfully leverage data analytics to help drive business performance.


14:00 Registration and Reception
14:30 Introduction: HR in the business
14.45 Topic introduction: How data analytics can help you keep all the balls in the air
We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. How other functions have used data analytics
to address similar issues to HR’s challenges
15:00 “Juggle your life successfully” – Introduction to activity
15:10 Breakout workshop sessions (20 min rotations) Breakout Sessions 2015

1. Ekaterina Petrova (Founder, JFM – Juggling for Management)
“Juggle your life successfully”
2. Andrew Marritt (Founder, OrganizationView)
“Getting started with analytics in HR”
3. Christoph Thoma, Executive Director, EY
“Measuring and monitoring the business impact in organizational transformations”
4. Justin Szwaja, Senior Manager, EY
“Analyzing equal pay practices and assessing the impact on business”

16:30 Break
16:45 Breakout workshop feedback from facilitators on workshops and panel discussion
17:30 Apéro

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Date: 07/07/2015
Time: 14:00 - 19:00
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