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12.25 – 12.55      Leadership for humanities best instincts,
                             with Carsten Sudhoff, Founder Circular Society

                             „The leadership styles, corporate values and investment strategies
                             that built the companies of today are not the same that 
                             will build the companies of tomorrow“.
                             We all have a leadership role to play here – all of us!

13.05 – 13.35      Mindfulness – finding the key to your power of presence,
                              with Connie Voigt, Founder GmbH &
                              Cooperation Partner Inside Out Global Ltd.

                             Mindfulness means purposeful, non-judgemental attention in the
                             present moment. It is about synchronizing mind and body.
                             Evidence from neuroscience shows that people`s performance, 
                             learning intensity and communication impact can be raised
                             with mindful states of being

13.45 h                Apéro       ZGP/IHRC     

Date: 15/04/2015
Time: 11:30 - 15:00
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